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Certification Seal of Cybersecurity for Organizations

Client Profile: any type of organization, with or without profit, private or public, small or large.

Client needs: The AEI Cybersecurity detected that there is no standard that evaluates, at a technical level, ICT security in the business world and organizations. Other seals certify the management system, but do not enter into the detail of the technical aspects.

The seal recognizes the compliance by companies of a series of security requirements necessary to protect their assets from the different threats that may negatively affect the services or capabilities of their organizations

Provided solutions to meet the needs: The Hub has facilitated the generation of the Seal of Cybersecurity for organizations, since it has been created from the collaborative work of a group of companies of the AEI Cybersecurity. It has also had the support of public administrations such as the Regional Government of Castilla y León or the National Cybersecurity Insitute.

Each member has worked on a specific aspect of the seal and on the basis of its specialization, which has allowed the creation of the Seal for the benefit of any international organization.

On June 2nd 2016 the Seal of Cybersecurity was presented at a public conference in León to raise awareness of the importance of cybersecurity for their businesses. We also have the participation of European representatives.

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Project Acceleration Program

Client Profile: Defense Balance SL It is a start-up created in 2017 based in León. The product sold is a platform for training and security awareness information generating safe habits on end users called Smartfense.

The niche market that the company is heading is the Security Awareness CBT (Computer Based Training). This market has experienced a growth of 54% between 2015 to 2016. Gartner anticipates sustained growth year after year in the range of 50% to 60%. In addition, the General Regulations European data protection (GDPR) in force from 25 May 2018. This regulation requires conscientious employees (art. 39 and 47 GDPR).

Client Profile 2: Drainware Systems S.L. specializes in providing specific 'data loss prevention' 'and inspection services for companies that intend to provide services to cybersecurity companies and develop an innovative computer software that responds products company security vulnerabilities that they have most equipment used by companies around the world at a reasonable cost.

Developed solution '' Data Loss Prevention '' allows organizations to control information leakage both voluntary and involuntary by their employees. The product offers a service that ensures secure data prevention system that meets the requirements of data and protecting information assets of the company. It is a resource capable of controlling the threat of information leakage either intentionally or not by the employees. This platform with the current consulting services is the core of the company..

Client Profile 3: The company Human Affinity Platform S.L. was established in March 2017, after eighteen months of work and after the founding partners obtain several awards for their analysis algorithms of human behavior. They had scheduled to open their workplace in Leon at the end of this year.This company operates the Platform for cybersecurity: Kymatio

Kymatio is the analytical cybersecurity platform that aims to prevent situations of internal risk therefore originated by the employees themselves.

At present, these risk situations are caused by two types of actions: passive and active. The first are the most frequent and originate employees who inadvertently compromise the security of the organization and, second, are those which are caused deliberated and motivated by some sort of stress with the employees.

Client needs: Startups problems is marked by the need for technology to enter the market, defining your objective target, attracting specialized human resources and raising funds for this first phase.

Provided solutions to meet the needs: The acceleration program is working with 10 projects (with a maximum age of 5 years), which has delivered them an integrated service package provided by the three organizations (ICE, INCIBE and Ildefe), involving access spaces of entrepreneurship in the Technology Park of León, collaboration in specific training workshops, mentoring and monitoring. These services are complemented with cash prizes amounting to 120.000 €.

As part of this acceleration program, the promoting organizations, under the overall INCIBE coordination, provide a number of services such as free space in the Technology Park of León during acceleration time, specialized services training (workshops, consulting,. .), specialist mentoring, networking specialist with cybersecurity ecosystem and support for attracting funding. Finally, cash prizes associated with the permanence of projects in León.

Along with these awards, ICE will offer to the entrepreneurs who exceed the incubation phase and decide to settle in Leon, an equity loan through SODICAL up to 60.000 euros on preferential terms.

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Support to SMEs in cybersecurity R&D projects

Client profile: Start-ups and SMEs with core competence in ICT and cybersecurity

Client needs: Seek financial resources and specific knowledge for developing prototypes, R&D projects, new products and services in the field of cybersecurity

Provided solution to meet the needs: Support to SMEs in cybersecurity and digital trust (standards & solutions), launching an open public call oriented to support SMEs in ICT sector:

  • Financing of prototypes and development of R&D projects in ICT sector, with focus in cybersecurity and ICT disruptive/advanced technologies.

The objective is the promotion of R + D + i with the consequent development and attraction of business and associate scientific talent in Cybersecurity.

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Support to SMEs in cybersecurity and digital trust (standards & solutions)

Client profile

SMEs of different sectors approaching digital transformation.

Client needs

Gain knowledge and support on how to secure digital transformation in their businesses.

Provided solution to meet the needs

Support to SMEs in cybersecurity and digital trust (standards & solutions), launching two open public calls oriented to support SMEs in ICT sector:

  • Promotion of investments in cybersecurity solutions and other associated technologies by SMEs in the Region.
  • Support to the implementation of cybersecurity certifications (National or European recognition) and / or information / data security management systems (ISO 27001 certification or similar) and digital trust.

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CPI as innovative financial resources to develop R & D projects

Client profile

Start-ups and Companies with core competence in cybersecurity

Client needs

Have innovative financial resources to develop R & D projects aimed at strengthening digital trust between companies and end users, raise cybersecurity and resilience, and contribute to the digital market in a way that promotes the safe use of cyberspace.

Solution provided to solve the needs:

ICE, among its actions, includes support for the Public Procurement of Innovation (hereinafter CPI) as an instrument of encouragement, in this case from the side of demand, innovation and technological development of companies in Cybersecurity. This action is based on the Regional Strategy for Research and Innovation for an Intelligent Specialization (RIS3) of Castilla y León 2014-2020, as well as the Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Autonomous Strategy of Castilla y León, which govern the actions of ICE in terms of innovation, and that include objectives and measures to support the ICC.

ICE has developed a work plan on Public Innovative Procurement that includes the development of a Pre-Commercial Public Procurement (CPP) program, which allows the acquisition of solutions based on R + D + i that respond to the challenges posed, serving among other instruments, of promotion and promotion of the business sector. A first focus of the use of the ICC instrument in Cybersecurity is considered given its importance and potential at European, national and regional level, endowed with 2,000,000 euros, through 4 challenges

  • CHALLENGE 1: Detection of bots and command and control servers (C & C)
  • CHALLENGE 2: Detection of .onion domains in the TOR network not indexed by public sources.
  • CHALLENGE 3: Detection, categorization and automated prediction of cyber-attacks.
  • CHALLENGE 4: Advanced services for the attribution of cyber-incidents.

This action is developed in coordination with INCIBE as technical expert.

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AEI Cybersecurity as European Cluster Excellence

Client profile

Companies and organizations members of the AEI Cybersecurity and the other collaborators of the DIH, as INCIBE or ICE

Client needs

AEI members wanted to promote excellence in resource management to get involved in the cluster, to achieve impact at European level

Solutions provided to solve the needs

  • AEI obtained the European Cluster Excellence Initiative Bronze Label Certificate granted by the ECSA, the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis

  • In 2016, the AEI Cybersecurity became a founding partner of the European Cybersecurity Organization (ECSO) which already includes more than 188 entities from 33 countries and whose main objective is to support all kinds of initiatives or projects that develop, promote or encourage European Cybersecurity. This organization has established a stable alliance with the European Commission to promote public-private cooperation among its members. In 2017 and 2018 the AEI has managed to renew its membership of the ECSO's governing body (Board of Directors).